Aug 10 2008

First Grade Homework Folders

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Homework will go home in a blue folder on Mondays. Completed homework should be placed in the folder and returned each Friday.

What is for homework?

  • Please read with your child for at least 20 minutes each evening. Please view the video above for ideas and information on why reading is important. You will be asked to sign/initial your child’s weekly homework schedule and return it with the folder on Friday.
  • Secret Sharing will occur every Tuesday. Please click on the attached secret-sharing document for this important homework activity. Sharing is a good time for students to learn to speak in front of a group. It is important that sharing is prepared ahead and that it is of an educational nature. Examples might include: simple items found around the house or in nature, a collection of some sort, or perhaps a project that your child has made at home. Toys are not acceptable.
  • A new poem is presented each Monday. When your child brings home the poetry book, please help him/her to memorize the poem and discuss it. Be sure to return the poetry book to school on Friday
  • A Math packet will be sent home as well, please assist your child with their work.
  • The children will be using the SRA Spelling Program. A new list of words is presented each week. Challenge words, as well as words from your child’s daily writing, will also be presented at the appropriate time. Spell checks will be given on Friday

Please contact me below if you have any questions or need further assistance:

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